Founded in 1982, ESG Laboratories (ESG) is a full-service environmental laboratory. Since 1987, ESG has been an affiliate of Astbury Water Technology, Inc. (Astbury), enabling the company to undergo tremendous growth and maturity. In addition, this affiliation enables ESG to provide reliable, low-cost sample pick-up and collection services throughout Indiana and surrounding states. ESG’s main laboratory is located in Indianapolis and occupies an 8,000-sq. ft. facility that was specifically designed to maximize quality and efficiency while ensuring worker safety. ESG offers extensive analytical testing for wastewater, groundwater, storm water, drinking water, solid/hazardous waste, and Underground Storage Tank (UST) closure.

testing bottlesThe continued growth of the company is due in large part to an ongoing dedication to quality and a commitment to absolute customer satisfaction. By serving as the complete analytical partner to its clients, ESG simplifies the inherently complex field of environmental testing regulations by being a single contact for all required areas of analysis. ESG participates in a variety of proficiency testing programs, including the Water Pollution (WP) program for wastewater, the Water Supply (WS) program for drinking water, the DMR-QA program, and the ERA Soil program for solid waste. Our exceptional performance in these programs demonstrates the continuing high quality and accuracy of data generated by ESG.

A large amount of the work performed by ESG is ultimately submitted to and reviewed by The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). We work with various branches of IDEM that include the Office of Water Quality (OWQ), the Office of Land Quality (OLQ), and the Drinking Water Branch, among others. ESG is also an IDEM accepted laboratory for performing UST analysis. We work closely with a variety of personnel within in each of these departments in order to make sure that results and documentation are acceptable.

ESG is certified by the State of Indiana for Drinking Water Analysis (Code Number C-49-07).


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ESG serves corporate, private and governmental customers. Tests are performed by qualified professionals in well-equiped laboratories.

ESG reports are for compliance with US EPA & IDEM regulations, and are routinely reviewed by the following:

Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM)
Office of Water Quality (OWQ)
Office of Land Quality (OLQ)
Drinking Water Branch