Metals occur naturally in all geologic settings at a range of concentrations. Anthropogenic sources such as urban runoff, smelting, and landfills also deliver metals into the environment. In the urban environment, some common sources of metals are rubber tires (zinc), wheel weights (lead), pressure-treated wood (arsenic, chromium, copper), brake pads (copper), paint (cadmium, chromium, lead) and lubricating oil and grease (lead, nickel, zinc).

ESG Laboratories has a full service metals lab for analysis of major and trace metals in any matrix (water, soil, sludge, solid, drinking water).

ESG Laboratories applies methods SW846 6010B, 7470A, 7010B, EPA 200.7, 200.9 and 245.1 in analysis of metals.  All samples are collected, handled, prepared and analyzed in accordance with USEPA 40 CFR Part 136 as amended.

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ESG serves corporate, private and governmental customers. Tests are performed by qualified professionals in well-equiped laboratories.

ESG reports are for compliance with US EPA & IDEM regulations, and are routinely reviewed by the following:

Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM)
Office of Water Quality (OWQ)
Office of Land Quality (OLQ)
Drinking Water Branch